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Wind Energy Services

Prevailing Wind Group by FESCO Direct LLC is a full service wind project developer. We assist customers develop, acquire, install and operate wind energy projects.

Our clients include: individual residents, cities and municipalities, colleges and universities through larger wind developers and institutional investors.

Wind Project Consulting Services

Prevailing Wind Group consults on wind energy projects of all sizes and capacities. Service are available on an hourly fee basis or may be arranged by project.

Particular areas of strength include:

  • 5kW - 500kW Wind Projects
  • Site Selection and Project Development
  • New Equipment Selection and Acquisition
  • Used Equipment Selection and Acquisition
  • Wind Turbine Remanufacturing and Refurbishing Processes
  • On Site/Off Site Concrete Supply

Site Assessment

All wind energy projects start with a site assessment. Wind site assessments are designed to provide customers with site specific information about how a wind system can help meet or exceed your energy needs.

Included in our site assessments:

  • Public and private resources used to analyze historical wind characteristics, geography and topographical information in your area
  • Trained Site Assessor Visit
    • assess local obstacles/terrain
    • evaluate property/electrical system characteristics
    • locate and assess wind characteristics at specific wind turbine locations on your property
  • Detailed Report
    • current energy usage, needs, conservation measures
    • analysis/evaluation of the wind resource available at your location
    • information on 3 best locations to place a turbine
    • estimate of wind turbine system output at your location
    • rough cost estimate and incentive information for your area
    • system size recommendations

*Met tower studies are also available for commercial scale users. Contact us for more information.

Project Development

Using the site assessment, detailed project development can begin.

  • Zoning and Permitting
  • Incentive, Grant, Financing Application (if applicable)
  • Feasibility and Environmental Impact Studies (if applicable)
  • Site Selection and Geo Technical Report
  • Wind Turbine Selection and Acquisition

Wind Turbine System Selection and Acquisition

We work with a variety of new equipment manufacturers, used equipment suppliers and wind turbine remanufacturing companies to ensure a selection of quality wind turbines capable of meeting the needs of all sized customers: residential, farms, manufacturers, industry, schools, communities and utilities.

The wind turbines we recommend fit our strong criteria of performance, reliability and customer benefit. By nature of design, wind turbines manufactured by different companies of similar size and characteristics will preform differently based on specific location characteristics. For example some manufacturers designs preform better in lower wind conditions while other preform better in higher wind characteristics.

Selecting the best wind turbine for a specific location is an important part of the project development wether you are installing a single 20kW or construction a 100MW wind farm.

Prevailing Wind Group is also involved in the redeployment of decommissioned wind turbines. Developing a wind project using remanufactured wind turbines previously used in other wind projects offers select projects access to a unique size range of equipment with shorter ROI than typically associated with small wind projects.

Site Excavation and Wind Turbine Installation

Upon completion of the development process the site excavation and system installation can begin. These services are typically scheduled several months in advance and occur in phases.

An excavation crew will begin by preparing the site for the equipment installation. This includes building wire trenches for underground wiring, preparing the ground where the foundation will be poured along with any other areas where construction will occur for slabs, pads, etc.

When the site is prepared concrete workers will construct and pour the concrete foundation along with any other pads or slabs associated with the project. While the concrete work is being completed crews will also lay any buried wire between the foundation of the tower and the other electrical stations. After the concrete has sufficiently cured and any forms are removed crews will replace any excavated material into trenches and around other excavated areas.

After the concrete has sufficiently cured the wind turbine, tower, and other equipment will be delivered and installed. The system design, size of the machine and installation instructions will determine how the tower, blades nacelles and associated equipment are assembled and installed.

After all of the hardware has been placed, electricians will begin making all of the necessary electrical connections and preforming the tests necessary for system start-up and commissioning.

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Free Consultation

Prevailing Wind Group provides professional wind energy related services on a pre-arranged fee basis as opposed to a commission basis. Our fees and services can be arranged "by the project" or can be provided on an "hourly basis" with as little as a one hour minimum.

To better identify how Prevailing Wind Group can assist with your wind energy project and to best identify the costs associated with our services we are offering customers a FREE Consultation* with one of our wind energy professionals.

During your FREE Consultation* a wind energy professional will be happy to answer any general questions you may have regarding wind energy as well as discuss the specifics of your project so we can identify how we can best assist in your project and the costs associated with our services.

*Free Consultation subject to restriction. One per project/customer per year. One hour maximum. Subject to availability of wind energy professional, the consultation may require advanced scheduling.
Subject to change or be revoked at any time without notice.


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